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Supply Chain Collaboration

Web-EDI Global Service

This service helps customers speed up their supply chain management (SCM) by providing support for e-commerce transactions and for purchasing operations involving multiple companies on a global stage.

Web-EDI Global Service is a cloud service that supports complicated delivery operations, logistics management, and EDI processes (such as quoting, ordering, shipment instructions, delivery, and invoicing). It speeds up SCM through the sharing of information (such as commercial distribution, logistics, and project progress) among related parties, including buyers, suppliers, production sites, and logistics companies. This service also helps to construct systems that are suitable for various business practices to provide support for both domestic and international procurement.


This service is recommended for


Customers who need to understand the progress of transactions across multiple companies and divisions, including the progress of global transactions


Customers who are standardizing and sharing their operational processes, to eliminate reliance on individual workers


Customers who manage challenging projects such as delivery delays or undelivered orders


Customers who construct a purchasing system that is suitable for their business practices

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