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e-sourcing/Mall service

This service helps customers reform purchasing-related operations to indirect materials and costs management.

This is a SaaS-type purchasing operation support service for purchasing consumables, such as office and on-site supplies, as well as processing indirect costs, such as maintenance work and service products.

The following two types are available:
• Centralized purchasing participation type (customers use a purchas-ing agent): Hitachi takes care of processes from selecting products and suppliers to negotiating prices and delivery dates.

• Private catalog type (customers use the system environment): Cus-tomers use their suppliers and only use the system environment.


This service is recommended for


Customers who need to reduce the number of persons in charge of operations such as catalog maintenance


Customers who need to reduce operational management costs associated with purchasing


Service Overview

The e-sourcing/Mall service is intended for companies that need to reform purchasing of indirect materials. By combining the following services, the service provides a wide range of support for improving work effi-ciency, enhancing the visualization of operations and performance, and optimizing business processing.


Hitachi's buyers aggregate the purchase volume of all user companies (approximately 460 Hitachi Group companies and 300 general companies), handle processes from selecting products and suppliers to negotiating prices and delivery dates, and achieve continuous price optimization. You can search for products, create orders, and approve them through simple web screen operations, and link the service to in-house systems (such as SAP).

Customers use their suppliers and use only the system environment. You can post your catalogs and use the electronic trading environment that includes both order-placement and order-receiving functions for your business. You can build a system that has been used by many user companies in SaaS format early and at low cost, and use the service together with the centralized purchasing participation type.

Utilizing the operational results of the e-sourcing/Mall service and Hitachi's purchasing know-how, this service provides support from the initial process of considering the introduction of services that best suit your situation. We will take care of various purchasing-related tasks on your behalf (such as purchasing, call center operations, and data analysis support).

Key Features

The centralized purchasing participation type services take care of purchasing-related operations (such as selection of suppliers and products and price negotiation) on your behalf, allowing you to reduce purchasing management costs and shift buyers to more creative work. By combining these with services of the private catalog type, you can expand the scope of operations to which the services can be applied and achieve company-wide business reforms.

The centralized purchasing participation type services deal with the following: office supplies, office furniture, safety protective equipment, package software, PC accessories, tools, and physics and chemistry consumables. In addition, the services have a function to link with external supplier catalogs and a function to create RFQ (handling products not listed in catalogs). You can also expand the items to be purchased, the range of business reforms, and the range of visualization.

Based on the purchase volume of the Hitachi Group, this service aggregates the purchase volumes of all customers and negotiates prices.

The service provides the processes from ordering to delivery at the same unit prices for all prefectures within Japan. (Free shipping) (Okinawa and remote islands are not covered, and there are some exceptions.) This allows you to eliminate duplication of purchasing operations (such as unit price negotiation, slip processing, payment, various arrangements, and coordination) between areas.

The service provides a purchasing system that considers internal control. Many companies, including the Hitachi Group companies, have used the system. The following functions are implemented in the system: Approval function (up to 10 levels), approval notification email function, support for expense accounts and department codes, order correction function, order history download (in CSV format), favorite products search function (supports repeat orders), product purchase limit function, etc.

In addition to enabling users to access the service via their browsers (the standard function), the service provides solutions for linking with in-house systems.

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