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Do you have problems like these?

  • Unable to visit the shop floor as often as you want
  • Equipment problems occur frequently
  • Kaizen activities do not proceed as expected
  • Unable to identify the process causing a bottleneck
  • Unable to make the best use of collected data

Key Features

You can check KPI achievements and the progress of production at the factory or of a production line and verify whether they are operating normally

  • Production volume Planned production amount and actual production amount
  • Productivity On-time delivery rate, Operational availability, Defect rate
  • Equipment operation rate OEE*, Time-based operation ratio, Performance efficiency, Non-defective rate
    * OEE: overall equipment effectiveness

MfI performs 4M* analysis to provide visual information showing when, in which process, and under what conditions the productivity worsened. Based on the analysis of the balance of two adjacent processes or all the processes, you can identify the actual bottleneck and formulate a plan for kaizen measures for optimization. ​MfI also automates the collection and calculation of results data to facilitate the measurement of kaizen effects. ​* 4M: huMan, Machine, Material, Method

  • Productivity​
    On-time delivery rate, Operational availability, Defect rate
  • Production status​
    Retention times for work-in-progress products and parts, Manufacturing lead times)
  • Production bottlenecks​
    Process start and end times, Status of workers, equipment, and members

MfI provides a centralized view of equipment operation statistics. You can confirm the current operation status and quickly identify the causes of any problem that occurs. Based on the accumulated operation data, you can also analyze the frequency and times of abrupt stoppages to formulate plans for maintenance and inspections.

  • Equipment operation rate​
    OEE, Time-based operation ratio, Performance efficiency, Non-defective rate
  • Cycle time​
    Factors that contributed to equipment stoppages​
    Pareto chart, Equipment alert log
  • Sensor values

How It Work

The system can be deployed promptly with a limited amount of initial investment.


Minimum integration work

MfI enables you to collect data on workers, equipment, materials, and processes. The development of large systems and construction work is not necessary.


Subscription-based apps

You can use the apps at a limited initial cost.


Incremental deployment

You can deploy MfI first to part of the factory line and then to the entire factory while verifying the benefits.

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