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Check out Hitachi's Information Communications Technology blog posts to find all sorts of information about a myriad of products, technologies and professional services.


Past Topics

Tackling WLA future-proofing without cost and version constraints

Keeping workload automation costs and disruptions under control due to exploding workload volumes.

Powering good through Business Innovations

The urgent need for digital transformation: how Hitachi co-created solutions with customers -Hitachi

JP1 V12.6 Information on new functions

JP1 Version 12.6, which promotes the digital revolution of companies through the optimisation of business processes. “JP1 V12.6” enables the visualisation and automation of business processes by integrating operational processes in an IT environment, in real time. This facilitates quick decision making by enabling users to grasp the whole business situation from a higher perspective, thereby contributing to improve business efficiency across various areas.

JP1 V12.5 Information on new functions

Latest integrated systems management suite, JP1 Version 12.5, provides features to monitor the system without depending on the personal skills, and to support the integrated execution of business processes, both in the multi-cloud environment.