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Wheel Unit for Toprun Type Saddle

Wheel Unit

The wheel unit is a pair of a driving side and a trailing side of the TL type toprun crane saddle, it works on custom-made saddles, crab cranes or traverser.


TLU5-28 TLU5-56
Max Wheel Load (ton) 2.8 5.6
Traveling Speed 50/60Hz (m/min) 21/25
Motor Output 50/60Hz (kW) 0.30/0.36
(with brake)
(with brake)
No. of Poles 4
No. of starts per hour and duty factor 250 starts/h, 25%ED
Power Source (3-phase) 200V 50Hz/60Hz, 220V 60Hz, 380 to 400V/415V 50Hz, 400V to 440V 60Hz
Traveling Rail (kg) 22 30
Wheel Diameter. (mm) (Material) φ180 (FCD) φ250 (FCD)
Approx. Weight (kg) 65 125
The saddle is coated for rust prevention only.

Selection of Wheel Units

The wheel unit is produced based on the wheel load. Select the wheel unit by the following chart when the unit is used for long span rails more than 12 meters that exceeds the specification of the Hitachi toprun type crane saddle, a crab or a traverser, and use it with your frame. Two pairs are required when the wheel unit is used for a crane, a crab or a traverser.

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