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TL Type

TL Type Toprun Type Crane Saddle


  1. By the inverted hat-section structure (Reverse hut) that is less torsional deformation, and the integral structure of the frame, inspection and change of the wheel, manufacturing of the crane girder will be easy.
  2. Brake torque can be adjusted widely from 0% to 60% of the motor torque, and it is user-friendly.
  3. Hitachi suspension type crane saddle is produced on the premise of I-beam is used as girder.


TL5-10 TL5-28
Max Wheel Load (ton) 1.0 2.8
Max Span (m) 10 12
Traveling Speed 50/60Hz (m/min) 21/25 21/25
Motor Output 50/60Hz (kW) 0.30/0.36 × 2units (wiht brake) 0.30/0.36 × 2units (wiht brake)
No. of Poles 4 4
No. of starts per hour and duty factor 250 starts/h, 25%ED
Power Source (3-phase) 200V 50/60Hz
220V 60Hz
200V 50/60Hz
220V 60Hz
Wheel Diameter. (mm) (Material) φ125(FCD) φ180(FCD)
Traveling Rail (kg) 15 22
Frame Size A×b×t (mm) 190 × 63 × 3.2 190 × 75 × 4.5
Approx. Weight (kg) 55 × 2 90 × 2
Applicable Hoist Monorail Monorail
The saddle is coated for rust prevention only.

Saddle Selection

Saddle Selection

The capacity shown in the diagram shows approximate capacity to the maximum span. In the actual selection, the wheel load including the girder must be calculated.

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