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Wheel Unit for Gantry Crane Saddle

Driving Side Trailing Side

The wheel unit for Hitachi's gantry crane saddle is compact unit with integrated structure. It can be used not only for gantry cranes but also for traverser of overhead traveling cranes.


Model GU-45 GU5-56 GU5-75
Max Wheel Load (ton) 4.5 5.6 7.5
Traveling Speed 50/60Hz (m/min) 25/30 30/36
Motor Output 50/60Hz (kW) 1.2/1.5
(with brake)
(with brake)
No. of Poles 4
No. of starts per hour and duty factor 250 starts/h, 25%ED
Power Source (3-phase) 200V 50/60Hz, 220V 60Hz,
380 to 400V/415V 50Hz,
400V to 440V 60Hz
Wheel Diameter. (mm) (Material) 0 ~ 60%
Traveling rail (kg) 22,30 22,30 30,37
Approx. Weight (kg) 340 280 380

Saddle Selection

Two pairs of the driving side and the trailing side are required when the wheel unit is used for a gantry crane.

Saddle Selection

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